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Great Man Made River  -  لــنهر الصــناعي العظـــيم


Ideas for a greener Libya - Working to provide reliable and safe water supply to support agriculture and  cover the domestic water requirements of the Libyan population

العمل على توفير مصدر دائم وآمن للمياه لدعم المشاريع الزراعية  وتغطية الاحتياجات المائية للمستهلكين

Great Man Made River (GMMR) - "Великая Рукотворная Река" в Ливии - Das 8. Weltwunder - لــنهر الصــناعي العظـــيم


Great Man Made River is part of

Publishing the Truth and real Facts about Muammar Al Gaddafi. Part of his life commitment for the Libyan people is the Great Man Made River!

Libyans in Benghazi enjoyed as first Libyans fresh water from the GMMR project. 1996 followed by Tripoli. Unfortunately, the project got not further, than phase III.  Our special thanks to NATO and "United" Nations Security Council for that!