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Great Man Made River  -  لــنهر الصــناعي العظـــيم


Ideas for a greener Libya - Working to provide reliable and safe water supply to support agriculture and  cover the domestic water requirements of the Libyan population

العمل على توفير مصدر دائم وآمن للمياه لدعم المشاريع الزراعية  وتغطية الاحتياجات المائية للمستهلكين

Great Man Made River (GMMR) - "Великая Рукотворная Река" в Ливии - Das 8. Weltwunder - لــنهر الصــناعي العظـــيم

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Arial photograph of the first large farm test field within the Libyan dessert.

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Time line - The Great Man Made River (GMMR)

The Beginning

A spectacular project was commenced in Libya in September 1984. This is the ‘river of pipelines’, sometimes called the 8th wonder of the world. This Great Man - Made River aims at the mass Transfer of waters from the Kufra and Sareer Basins beneath the earth surface to the coastal concentration of population in Benghazi, Sirte and Tripoli. Upon completion the huge network of pipelines will extend to about 3,380 km.

The Work

Two special pipe factories were constructed in the regions of Brega and Sareer, to provide the project with the great numbers of concrete pipes necessary. These vary in weight between 73 and 78 tons, have a diameter of 4 meters and are 7.25 meters long.

This project of the century comprises three phases, the first involves laying pipelines from Tazerbou and Sareer in the south to Adjedabia in the north, the second phase will to carry 2 million cubic meters of water a day from the wells situated in the Fezzan region in addition to half a million cubic meters from two fields in the Hasawna mountains. The third phase should pump a further 1.68 millions cubic meters of water to the first two phases.

03 October 1983

The General People's Congress held an extraordinary session to draft the resolutions of the basic people's Congresses, which decided to fund and execute the Great Man-Made River Project.

28 August 1984

The leader of the revolution and the architect of the Great Man-Made River Project
Muammar Al Ghaddafi lays the foundation stone in Sarir area for the commencement of the construction of the Great Man-Made River Project.

28 August 1986

The leader of the revolution, and the architect of the Great Man-Made River Project,
Muammar Al Ghaddafi inaugurated the Brega plant for the production of the Pre-stressed Concrete Cylinder pipes, which are considered the largest pipes made with pre-stressed steel wire. Sarir plant was also inaugurated on this date.

26 August 1989

On the occasion of the 20th Anniversary for the Great AL-Fateh Revolution the leader of the Revolution Muammar Al Ghaddafi lays the foundation stone for phase II of the Great Man-Made River Project.

Water arrival

11 September 1989 Ajdabiya reservoir.

28 September 1989 Omar Muktar reservoir.

04 September 1991 Al Gardabiya reservoir.

28 August 1996 First Water to Tripoli..

This info is not the latest update!