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Great Man Made River  -  لــنهر الصــناعي العظـــيم


Ideas for a greener Libya - Working to provide reliable and safe water supply to support agriculture and  cover the domestic water requirements of the Libyan population

العمل على توفير مصدر دائم وآمن للمياه لدعم المشاريع الزراعية  وتغطية الاحتياجات المائية للمستهلكين

Great Man Made River (GMMR) - "Великая Рукотворная Река" в Ливии - Das 8. Weltwunder - لــنهر الصــناعي العظـــيم

Image description

Arial photograph of the first large farm test field within the Libyan dessert.

News & events - The Great Man Made River (GMMR)

Latest News March 2012:

A large explosion destroyed parts of the Great Man River pipe sytem near Bani Walid, leaving 100 of 1000 Libyans without water! - Watch the Video *Explosion on the Great Man Made River - near Bani Walid 13-03-2012


Latest News - 22.06.2011: 

NATO bombarded parts of the pipe producing fabric in Brega. Also targeted andbombarded parts of the pipe system in the Libyan dessert. - Targeting the water system to Sirte and Tripoli. (War Crime)

NATO has admitted that its jets attacked the pipe factory on 22 July 2011, claiming in justification that it was used as a military storage facility and rockets were launched from there. - Watch the Video

Nato Terrorists Destroys Libya’s $30 Billion Water Pipeline

Source: Pravda.Ru

A NATO terrorist attack has hit a water pipes factory in al-Brega, murdering six guards, this being the factory which makes pipes for the great man-made irrigation system across the desert which brings water to seventy per cent of Libyan homes, according to sources in Libya. The factory was hit after the water supply network was destroyed on Friday. - Read More

GMRA's Participating in the Global Water Intelligence 2007 Conference

Secretary of the Peopel's Committee, Eng. Abdulmajeed Elgaoud, Eng. Nasser Bubtaina and Eng. Abduhamid Shiekhi had participated in the events of Global Water Intelligence Conference in Barcelona on 2 and 3 April 2007, where Senior public officials from the most dynamic global water markets including China, India, Saudi Arabia, Spain and the United States had attended and explained the challenges they faced and how they are meeting them.
Mr. Secretary has presented a detalied presentation about The Great Man-Made River Project, the vision, the project infrastructure, the costs and project investments, during the the conference's first day.

Meeting with the delegation of American Business Men

On 5th of Dec. 2006, a meeting was held in Tripoli with a delegation of American Business-men in which, the Great Man/Made River Project's experts participated by presenting  a visual review viewing, the implementation stages of the project, unit cost of produced water, and the economic and environmental impacts on the different parts of Jamahiriya.    

GMRA's Participating in the Events of MEGA Projects MENA 2006 Conference Held in Dubai, U.A.E

GMRA's delegation had participated in the events of the Great Project Organization Conference held in Dubai between the 19th and 21st of November 2006 in which GMRA submitted an explanatory paper about the Great Man-Made River Project showing currently implemented phases along with other future phases to be achieved, water quantities transferred, the cost of water unit and the economical impacts on various regions of the Jamahiriya; thus; the project's investment opportunities in the light of the recent positive changes incurred in the Libyan legislations resulting in the issuance of decree no(5/97) which has encouraged the investment of foreign capitals and which also responds to unfamiliar matters for investments. (The explanatory paper)

GMRA Participation in the Activities of the Libyan – German Forum - 14-16 Nov. 2006

Under the supervision and organization of Mr. Sief Al-Islam Al- Gadafi, Chairman of Al-Gadafi Development Foundation. The Great Man-Made River Authority (GMRA), participated in the activities of the Libyan – German forum, held in Tibisti Hotel  – Benghazi, in the period  between 14th and 16th of Nov. 2006, in which, a visual presentation was demonstrated by project experts, outlining project implementation stages, cost of water unit, and the economic and environmental impacts on the different regions of Jamahiriya.

GMRA's Participation in the Events of the International Real Estate Federation Conference (FIABCI) Held in Bangkok, Thailand for the year 2006

 GMRA's delegation took part in the events of the International Real Estate Federation Conference (FIABCI) held in Bangkok, Thailand between the 27th and the 31st of May 2006 at which GMRA rendered a scientific paper about the project's phases implementation, quantities of water conveyed, the cost of unit and the project's economical and environmental impact on the various regions of the Jamahiriya, also the paper indicated that about (130,000 Hectares) of arable land are to be reclaimed constituting about (20,000) farms to be irrigated by GMRA which would eventually lead to the settlement  of (20,000) Libyan families; thus, another(100,000) farms shall be included within GMRA's complementary irrigation plan in different areas of the Jamahiriya (Al-Jeffara and Benghazi plains, Sirt valleys…..etc) which would give a rise to the production rate and to the reflexive immigration from city to village, also encouraging farmers and their families to settle in their farms giving a rise to the estate value.

Finally, the paper indicated that the arrival of GMRA's water to the cities and villages has lead to the improvement of quality of life across the areas reached by GMRA's water. (The scientific paper)

GMRA's Participation in the Events of the 4th Global Water Forum held in Mexico City, Mexico For the Year 2006

GMRA's delegation headed by Mr. Abdul Majeed Al-Gaoud the Secretary of the People's Committee has participated in the events of the 4th Global Water Forum held in Mexico City between the 16th and 22nd of March 2006, at which a specific paper set out in Arabic, English and Spanish regarding GMRA was set out. ( to read the paper)

GMRA's Participation in the Conference Events of the British Civil Engineering Institute (ICE)

GMRA had attended on 30/05/2006 the Water Board Conference arranged by the Civil Engineering Institute (ICE) in London (UK). GMRA had presented a technical paper titled The Great Man-Made River Project, Libya Phase (I) Sarir/Sirt- Tazerbo/Benghazi . The paper has been published in the ICE magazine under the title Water Mining; the Great Man-Made River, (Libya). (The technical paper)

Awarding the Water Intelligence Prize to Hasaouna-Jefara Conveyance System

Hasaouna-Jefara Conveyance System has won the prize awarded by the Global Water Intelligence (GWI) magazine issued in UK.

The magazine is specialized in follow up the news and activities related to the international water sector market.

Hasaouna-Jefara Conveyance System  has been declared as the best project that provides water  to the cities for the year 2005.

This due the engineering design based on economic system that depend on provision upon demand for huge amount of water up to 2.5 million cubic meter per day. (the Water Intelligence Prize)


Site Trial to Test a New Wire Break Detection Device

Dr Patrick Gaydecki, a professor at University of Manchester in the field of signal processing and Image Analysis has visited GMRA in December 2006. The purpose of the visit is to perform a site trial in Brega to test a new Wire Break Detection device created by him and group of engineers that is designed to detect wire breaks in pipe structures. Mr. Patrick Gaydecki activities in digital signal processing are the central of his research, and he has recently published a book in this area. To find out more on Mr. Gaydecki and his accomplishments, visit the University of Manchester's site to read more about his past and current activities.

Master Degrees

Mr. Eaad El Fergani and Fawazi Almadani from the Corrosion center have obtained their Master Degrees. Eaad El-Fergani has completed his master from USM in Malaysia in the field of Material Engineering and Fawzi ALmaadani has received his Master of Philosophy Degree in the field of Corrosion and Non-Destructive Testing from the University of Manchester UK.

MS Degree in Corrosion Engineering

Eng.Ezzeldeen Albarghathi, a member of the Corrosion Center, has obtained an MS degree in Corrosion Engineering with excellent degree, from the University of Minister (UMST).


Experts from Arab Work Organization visit Omar AlMukhtar Reservoir

A group of Arab Experts from the Arab Work Organization, who participated in the conference on work statics held by the GPC of Manpower, Training and Employment in co-operation with Arab Work Organization, visited Omar AlMukhtar Reservoir on Monday November 6, 2006.

Representative Engineers of GMRA gave presentation about the different phases of the Project and its associated agricultural developments.

The delegations have expressed their admiration of the immensity of such a great and vital project accomplished by the Great Al-Fateh revolution, by  recording comments in the visitors book. 

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