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Great Man Made River  -  لــنهر الصــناعي العظـــيم


Ideas for a greener Libya - Working to provide reliable and safe water supply to support agriculture and  cover the domestic water requirements of the Libyan population

العمل على توفير مصدر دائم وآمن للمياه لدعم المشاريع الزراعية  وتغطية الاحتياجات المائية للمستهلكين

Great Man Made River (GMMR) - "Великая Рукотворная Река" в Ливии - Das 8. Weltwunder - لــنهر الصــناعي العظـــيم

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Reservoirs - The Great Man Made River (GMMR)

The SSTB conveyance system includes five reservoirs. These are circular earth embankments approximately 1 Kilometer wide which vary in depth. To limit seepage losses, the inside surface of the holding reservoir is provided with an impervious membrane lining protected by layers of soft sand and gravel.

A four Million Cubic Metre (MCM) capacity holding reservoir is sited at Ajdabiya, which balances the flows delivered by the twin pipelines from Sarir before onward conveyance to Sirt and Benghazi . The end reservoir at Sirt (Al Gardabiya Reservoir) has a capacity of 6.8m cubic metres while the Benghazi end reservoir (Omar Al Mukhtar Reservoir) has a capacity of 4.7m cubic metres.

The Great Al Gardabiya Reservoir, with a capacity of 15.4m cubic metres, has also been completed and the 24m cubic metre Great Omar Mukhtar Reservoir is currently under construction.

- Ajdabiya Holding Reservoirs  = 4.0   MCM
- Al Gardabiya Reservoir  = 6.8   MCM
- Omar Mukhtar  = 4.7   MCM
- The Great Al Gardabiya Reservoir  = 15.4 MCM
- The Great Omar Mukhtar Reservoir  = 24.0 MCM
- Total storage Capacity  = 54.9 MCM

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